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Safety on the Grill

One of the best things about summer is sitting on the back deck with your favorite drink in hand and juicy meat on the grill.  All over Northern Virginia throughout the summer you’ll smell the aromas of backyard grills, enticing you to go home and do the same. While this is an essential part of summer, you must at all times practice grill safety.  Countless homes have burned down and people injured because of careless and improper grill usage.

Outside Only

First off, never attempt to grill inside or in an enclosed area.  Keep your grill away from the house and away from anything flammable.   If you are in your yard, be sure there are no bushes or trees near the grill.  When lighting or using the grill, also be sure that any children or pets keep a safe distance.

While in Use

Always be sure the lid is open when lighting a grill.  Check your propane tank regularly for any possible leaks.  While cooking, never leave your grill unattended.  You must always be watchful to ensure nothing catches fire and there is not a smell of gas while you’re cooking.

After You’re Done

You should regularly clean your grill once you’re done cooking to remove excess grease and food debris.  Be sure that you have turned off the gas.  For charcoal grills, let the coals completely cool before disposing of them properly.  Check once more to be sure there are no leaks with your propane tank.  (An easy test is rubbing your hose with soap water.  If there are bubbles, you have a leak!)  If you do have a leak, call a professional to repair it or the fire department if you cannot get the leak to stop by turning off the gas. Summer is all about having fun outside and enjoying the company of your neighbors and friends.  It is definitely worth taking a few extra precautions to ensure this time does not result in a disaster for all!  For more information on home safety, please reach out to us at Watch Guard – we’d love to hear from you!

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