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Who We Serve

Watch Guard of the Potomac have been the premier providers of electronic security in the Washington, DC metro area for more than 35 years. Our customer base includes:

  •  Schools
  • Local Governments
  • Historic Sites
  • Places of Worship
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
Iā€™m the Facilities Manager of a historic house that functions as a museum, event center and gift shop for items of historical nature. We need 24 hour security monitoring for our Fire Detection, Elevators Emergency communicators and Building security. Also on occasion we have need for maintenance of any or all of these systems. Watch Guard of the Potomac has been our vendor of choice for all of the site security for many years. They have always performed professionally and timely when ever we need their expertise. Their staff that monitor the systems as well as the technical service people are the most competent friendly we have encountered.
— B.W., Facilities Manager

What Makes Us Different

Our Motivation

Unlike many of our competitors, Watch Guard does not use proprietary equipment. We only use the best equipment from national manufacturers such as Honeywell, DSC, Silent KnightInterlogix, and others. Any alarm company can work on this equipment. It belongs to you, and you have the control. If you decide you don't like us, you have the ability to change companies at any time.

Watch Guard does not require extended monitoring contracts. We will write the term for as long as you wish, but in over 35 years in business, we have never required a customer to pay off a monitoring contract they wanted out of, for any reason. 

For these reasons, we are highly motivated to earn your business every day. We don't want to keep you as a customer because you have no choice. We want you because you like our service and appreciate our professionalism.

Our Sales Philosophy

We don't employ a sales staff. There are no commissions. When you request a proposal, a trained security technician will visit. His job is to listen to your concerns, perform a security survey, put together a plan for your system, and explain the reasons and functions for each part. He'll also discuss the benefits and risks of doing more or doing less. At this stage, our job is education. You will understand how these systems work, and feel confident that you're making an informed decision. 

Should you decide to proceed, every effort is made to be sure the technician who designed the system is on site for the installation. There is no confusion between what you expect and what you get.

And there is never any pressure, it's just not our style.

Two Equal Goals

We recognize there are two EQUAL goals for a security system:

  1. It should work when you need it
  2. It should remain silent when you don't

False alarms quickly render any alarm system functionally useless. This is one of the best reasons to avoid automatically choosing the cheapest system from the biggest alarm company out there. Anyone can sell you an alarm that detects intrusion. But Watch Guard understands that this is only half of the equation. You also need a system that is stable and reliable. Every jurisdiction in this area now levees fines for false alarms, and it doesn't take too many alarms for those fines to add up. 

All of a sudden, that cheap system isn't so cheap anymore.

It is easy to refer you to folks because you do such a good job. You are our favorite vendor (and we have a lot of them)!
— K.D., Homeowner

License Numbers

DCJS 11-2122
Va. Class A 2705 058225A
Md. 107-865

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