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What to Do Now that Christmas Is Over

Christmas is over, and the hustle and bustle of the season is beginning to slow down.  As you catch your breath for the first time in the last month, you look around at all the Christmas clutter scattered across your house.  Peeking out under it all, though, you see glimpses of your new gifts – jewelry, tablets, cell phones, televisions, computers, video games, furniture, etc.  You know how much you’re loving them, but what do you need to do now to keep them safe?

Make It Official

Many electronics, technology, and appliances have the ability to be registered with the company.  This allows you to not only keep track of any recalls, updates, and warranty information, but it also often allows for tracking should your gift ever get lost or stolen.  Be sure to file away in a safe place any related paperwork, as well.  For any high dollar items, you should call your insurance company and update your policy to be sure your new gifts are covered.  Taking pictures of these items in your home is also important for your records.

Don’t Brag About It

I’m sure you saw the countless pictures of unwrapping gifts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all throughout the day on Christmas.  If you choose to post pictures of your gift-giving fun, be careful to avoid your big-ticket items.  If you publicize all the valuable gifts now in your home, you are just asking for some friend or follower to come help themselves to your new treasures.  You also want to be careful with what you put on the curb in the trash for your neighbors to see.  Those big screen television boxes waiting for the trash truck are announcing what’s now inside your home ready for the taking.

Protect It

If you haven’t already done so, you may want to consider investing in a home security system to protect your newly received gifts.  You can take all the preventative and proactive measures possible to avoid a break-in; but when it comes down to it, sometimes there is just nothing you can do except stop it when it starts.  A quality alarm system can scare away intruders, alert you and the authorities, and serve as a strong safeguard for your family and your valuables.

If you are interested in how Watch Guard can help secure your new Christmas treasures, please give us a call today!

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