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Three Reasons to Choose Watch Guard

As with any business, we understand you have options when it comes to your home’s security.  That is why we at Watch Guard Alarms know we need to earn your patronage every day -- through genuine service, free of gimmicks or tactics.  There are many reasons why we believe you should choose us for your security technology needs, but three of the most important are Ownership, Quality, and Freedom.


Many security companies rent out their equipment for your use.  They come into your home and install the equipment, but then if you decide to switch companies, you must return everything.  The good thing about our company is that you become the owner – for good.  Should you decide to leave us, the equipment stays with you, along with all the manuals for the next company you hire.


Every company talks about the quality of their products and why they’re superior.  However, at Watch Guard, our quality is measurable.  Other security companies use the cheapest equipment possible, such as passive infra-red (PIR) motion detectors.  These are all good and well – until you get a false alarm from another source of infra-red energy (such as sunlight or a heating vent).  Watch Guard uses only dual technology detectors in order to eliminate these false alarms, which waste emergency personnel’s time and could end up costing you money.


Have you ever felt powerless or trapped because of your long-term contracts?  Many other security companies like to lock you in for years at a time, making you pay your contract balance should you want to leave them.  This is not realistic, though, as your satisfaction and needs may change throughout the course of your term.  At Watch Guard Alarms, we want to keep your business because you are happy with us, not because you are bound by a contract.  That is why we offer 1 year terms for our monitoring contracts, leaving you with the freedom to be in control of your home security.

With all the choices out there, we know it can be overwhelming when it comes down to narrowing your security options.  Let us help make it easier for you by giving us a call.  We’ll visit your home, perform a complete security survey, and design a system based on your specific needs and concerns.  No pressure, just the facts.  The decision is up to you, but we would look forward to protecting your home and proving to you the difference found in Watch Guard’s Ownership, Quality, and Freedom!

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