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Securing Your Home for Bad Weather

Sadly, we’ve already begun to see this season the devastating and destructive force of Mother Nature.  There is not much that can stand up to the power behind these spring and summer storms, but staying alert and taking certain precautions may help to minimize the damage you personally sustain.

Get Ready

Depending on the area of the country where you live, your house may already be built with materials meant to withstand unusually high winds and water.  Houses in known tornado and hurricane prone areas are hopefully built with their specific concerns in mind; but if you are not in those areas and want to ensure your house is as strong as possible, then consider special ordering certain provisions from your local building supply store.

Pay close attention to doorways and windows, as they are typically weaker areas of your home.  Replace the glass in your windows or patio doors with impact resistant glass.   Make sure your front door has at least 3 hinges and a dead bolt and your garage door has been reinforced.

Your roof is also critical to strengthening your home.  Hire a qualified professional roofer to inspect and make any necessary repairs or improvements get your roof and supporting framework up to the highest standards.

Think Outside

The ability of your home to withstand intense storms is dependent on your landscaping and yard, as well.  Keep all trees and shrubbery trimmed and well cared for, so as not to have extra long branches or weak trunks fall on your house or fly through your windows.  Consider removing any loose objects such as statues or bird feeders that may end up as projectiles in high wind.  Patio furniture and grills should always be tied down when you hear news of an impending storm with damaging winds.

Have a Plan

Especially in areas that get hit with these storms regularly, you may need to build a secure room or cellar.  If you are in the direct path of a tornado, you will need more than an interior bathroom to keep you safe.  If a secure room is not an option, think through where you will go in case of a storm and ensure this room is reinforced and as strong as possible.  Have a talk with your family and get everyone on the same page for your emergency plan.  Once word of an impending storm comes out, communicate immediately with your family and follow your emergency plan.  You may not have as long as the news is saying before you are hit.  Now is not the time to save anything in your home – save your loved ones!

Mother Nature is not a force to be taken lightly.  Tornadoes and hurricanes are deadly storms and the safety of your family is the highest priority when the time comes.  The time it takes to properly secure your home against these storms is worth every minute and may just save your life.  If you’d like more information on how to secure your home year round, please give us a call today at (703) 938-2400!

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