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Protecting Yourself from the Bumps in the Night

It’s the middle of the night, and you hear the rattle of a doorknob or the breaking of glass.  You jump out of bed, your heart pounding out of your chest, and in that moment you have to begin the fight of your life. For many people, a gun is kept in their homes for moments such as this.  It is oftentimes the most effective method of protection for those trained to use it.  For those who do not own a gun, though, how can they protect themselves?  What are their options when engaging in a 1v1 against an intruder?


Perhaps one of the better options is utilizing a spray to give you a chance to escape.  Pepper sprays are effective in stopping an assailant while his eyes are burning and he is temporarily focused on that alone.  This could be enough time for you to run out of the house and to your car or to a neighbor for help.  However, you should be careful with this option because they are normally close-range, and there is a chance of the spray blowing back in your face.  If you do not have pepper spray, some aerosol hairspray or deodorant may give you similar results.

For longer distance protection, wasp sprays or fire extinguishers can allow you to hit your attacker while keeping your distance and reducing the chances of you feeling the effects, as well.

Household Items

Think creatively and you will find there are numerous items around your home that could be used as weapons.  A baseball bat, golf club, crystal candlesticks, or broom handle could all be used to hit (aim for strategic locations) and should be kept near your bed and not in the garage if you intend to use them as self-defense.  If you’re running through the kitchen, glass bottles, cans of food, skillets, or other heavy objects can be thrown to deliver a heavy blow.  If you’re fortunate enough to have hot coffee brewing or soup cooking, you could also toss that to deliver burns that will enrage the intruder, but also give you a few moments to escape.  Be very careful, though, if you choose to grab a knife for defense – these can easily be snatched and used against you.

If you find yourself running through your home, throw as many objects as you can into the path of your pursuer.  The more he has to jump over or move out of his way, the slower he will be.


Your best method of self-defense, though, is prevention.  Burglars are opportunists, taking advantage of an unlocked door or open window.  Triple-check such things before going to bed to ensure you have not left an open invitation.  Also, take care of any simple DIY solutions to secure your home and to create an environment unwelcoming to intruders. A reliable home security system is also a must for prevention.  Thieves typically do not want attention drawn to them, so if an alarm is sounding and sirens are on their way, then they will be much more likely to turn and run than to continue entering your home.

If you would like to invest in a one of those reliable home security systems, please contact Watch Guard today.  We will walk you through your needs and supply you with a system to protect you and greatly reduce any chances of you needing those candlesticks and wasp sprays.

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