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Don’t Let the Gadgets Get You!

I don’t know about you, but I’m often tempted by the latest technology and gadgets and eagerly anticipate “releases.”  Perhaps surprisingly, the security alarm industry is no different.  There is a trend now for remote monitoring, automation, and control over just about anything in your home.  Forget to turn off the coffee pot – no problem!  Left the light on in your bedroom – just switch it off from your phone! This all sounds wonderful, and at first glance, I would be the first to say, “Sign me up!”  However, one must be cautious about such conveniences.

First off, many companies offering these services focus on the glitz and glamour of such offerings.  A fancy looking app and the illusion of complete control are all it takes to seal the deal with many consumers.  These companies choose to focus on those features but often time lack the strength in the areas that matter most (like true home security).

Another thing to be careful about is relying too much on technology.  Here in the heart of the DC Metro area, we seem to be inundated with technology at every turn.  Even though technology is extremely helpful and reliable in most cases, there is no substitute for manually checking your locks and doing a walk through of your home or business before leaving.  Alarm system door sensors only detect if the door is opened about an inch.  They do not confirm that the door is latched and locked.  I would be leery of turning over complete control of your home to an app to the point in which you neglect your own responsibilities in the safety and security of your home.

The last thing I would caution a consumer is to know the facts.  Research the credibility of the company.  Is this a new company emerging with no references or customer base?  Did they just create a cutesy app that they will turn around and use to gain access to your home or personal information themselves?  What exactly are the services you will be getting?  Do you get to adjust the temperature of your home at the expense of compromising your home’s security?  It’s good to know the thieves will be warm and toasty as they break in!

As is the case with any new product you are making a decision to purchase or pass on, do your research.  Don’t be enticed by the smoke and mirrors and go instead with functionality and reliability.  Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding what Watch Guard can offer regarding convenience, monitoring, and technology for your home!


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