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You may only think in terms of security companies as being those salesmen who come to your door and want to stick a sign in your yard or sticker on your window. Or you may have actually made the wise decision to invest in one of those home security systems and always rest easy while you’re away, knowing your home is protected. However, have you considered how a home security company can help protect your business? At Watch Guard, we are more than just intrusion and burglar alarms. We offer many services that will help guard your business both during and after office hours including Temperature Monitors, Commercial Fire Alarms, and Access Control.

Temperature Monitors

There are many companies who need specific temperature monitoring of certain areas of their commercial space. Restaurants need to ensure their refrigerated areas do not drop below certain temperatures to avoid food spoilage. IT server rooms have to maintain set temperatures to avoid overheating and possible data loss. Garden centers and nurseries have to keep certain plants at specific temperatures for proper growth. Our systems are able to monitor all this and notify you when temperatures drop or rise beyond your required range – protecting your investments from total loss.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Every building and commercial space is different, but typically fire alarms, smoke detectors, and sprinklers are standard code requirements. What is not always required, though, is monitoring of these systems. You may have your sprinklers going off, possibly ruining valuable business property, without you even being made aware. By installing our commercial fire alarm monitoring, you can always know what’s going on with your fire alarm and sprinkler system at all times.

Access Control

Depending on your business, controlled entrance may be a necessity. If you deal with highly sensitive data, you may need to allow only certain persons into designated areas. If you are a school or daycare, you are likely to only permit entrance for parents, faculty, and visitors you are expecting. Churches may have offices located away from main entrances and will need to have a controlled access system to allow for visitors. There are many unique needs for these types of secured commercial spaces, and Watch Guard can provide appropriate monitoring and security for each one.

No matter what your business, some things are universal. The need to protect your customers, corporate investments, and commercial property is a necessity and one that should not be overlooked when it comes to budgeting. Talk to Watch Guard today for ways we can help make your business safe and secure, allowing you to get back to business!

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