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Avoid the Headlines – Protecting from Winter Fires

There are so many things to worry about when you are a homeowner – leaks, painting, yard work, repairs, and the list goes on and on.  One of the perhaps most important things, although frequently overlooked until it’s too late, is protecting your home from fire. There have been several reports in the news recently about deadly house fires caused by heaters.  This is a particular concern throughout the winter, as portable heaters are often not used properly or malfunction.

This raises the question, “When you’re not home, who is making sure your home is safe from fire?”  Even more importantly, when you ARE home, who is making sure you are alerted quickly and firefighters are dispatched immediately?

Of course, you should always make sure you have working smoke detectors all throughout your house and regularly check the batteries.  However, these are only but so helpful when you are not at home, and certainly do not help to get emergency personnel dispatched to your home quickly.

Fortunately, Watch Guard offers a system that provides continuous monitoring for fire emergencies.  Our detectors are tied into the system to both sound the alarm and dispatch the fire department at the same time.  If you are home, this will get you out of the house faster and send help coming your way sooner.  If you are away from home, this will help minimize damages by dispatching firefighters, rather than letting the fire continue to burn.

Another thing to consider is the protection of your beloved pets while you are away from the house.  If you spend a lot of time travelling or working away from the house during the day, who is protecting your pets from fire while you’re gone?  Having a home monitoring system that will send emergency crews to your home may end up saving the life of your pet, as well as all of your treasured memories in your home.

At Watch Guard, our home security goes far beyond protecting against intrusion – we care about your whole life and want to protect you and your loved ones from all dangers and threats, fire included.  If you have any questions about protecting your home, please give Watch Guard a call today!

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