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A Steal of a Deal

We are all guilty at some point of falling for a gimmick for what we thought was a good deal. Whether it’s something as simple as a coupon to get you in the door or something as elaborate as those “free” Caribbean vacations, we know companies will do anything to try to make a sale and we, too often, fall right inline with their marketing schemes. So, when it comes to your home security, how can you know when you are being fed a bunch of lies to get you hooked or when you are dealing with a legitimate company?

There are three main questions you should ask when dealing with a home security company offering you the deal of a lifetime on your system.

Will you own the equipment when all is said and done?

Many times, even though you have been paying monthly fees for your equipment, the company still owns the system if you terminate your contract. So all the money you’ve invested just goes to waste, and you have to start all over with your next company. At Watch Guard, we use only name brand equipment that you own even if you should decide to leave us and let another company take over.

What is the quality and effectiveness of the equipment? Is it under a warranty?

Not all security equipment and systems are created equal. You have to carefully research the system that the company will be using for its effectiveness. For example, many systems have the control panel as part of a self-contained keypad. This will give the intruder a chance to smash the unit and cancel any alarm signals being transmitted. Watch Guard systems have the control panel in a locked metal box in a separate location. This way, even if the intruder breaks the keypad, the alarm will not be stopped and authorities will continue to be alerted. We also warranty all of our parts and labor for a full year.

What all is included in the “deal” and how long will it last?

Many times, only certain parts of the system are included in the “free” promotional, and you will have to end up paying for the rest of the needed equipment before services can begin. You have to look, too, at the terms of your contract to know exactly how long your reduced monthly fees will last and how much higher the fees will be once they do increase. Many times, the companies will make up for the discounts they offer up front later on in the duration of your contract. We are upfront at Watch Guard when it comes to all your pricing, fees, and contracts. We can lock you in for however long you request and will not leave you with any surprises along the way.

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